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Caring for your Eyelash Extensions

When applied properly, eyelash extensions can last as long as fills are continued. Everyone’s experience will differ based on their day to day activities, and the growth cycle of their lashes. Factors such as medications, hormones, and weather conditions can also be factors to consider. On average, any lashes that are completely grown out and replaced every 2-3 weeks.

  • Do not wash eyes, swim, or shower (facing the steam) for 24-48 hours after lash extension application, to allow time for proper bonding.

  • Do not rub your eyes.

  • Do not use an eyelash curler.

  • Avoid oil-based makeup products, including mascara and eye-makeup remover. These will cause the glue bond to separate. Eye liner and shadow are acceptable but can sometimes be the cause of slightly lower retention.

  • Use only water-based facial cleansers if possible.

  • Avoid use of eye serums or products containing oil.

  • Use a q-tip when removing eye makeup.

  • Do not visit saunas or steam rooms frequently. Continued exposure to heat may cause the bond to loosen.

  • Avoid sleeping face-down.

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